“When you think of a mountain luxury-home, a few things come to mind: tradition, scenic views, and flexibility,” said Michael Belt, Founder at Dwelling Design. “Flexibility has been fundamental in the design of Birch, where we set out to develop a product that can serve as a springboard in creating a buyer’s dream home. Being able to alter the architectural template into someone’s desired space allows for the convenience to seamlessly align the layout with their lifestyle and be adaptable for generations to come.”

Living in Idaho for more than 22 years, Belt realizes that homes built in the Pacific Northwest require intrinsic engineering that can wither the impact of the town’s ever-changing seasons. To avoid stress on your home’s foundation, Belt implemented a few must-have, fundamental features.

Winter sports and year-round outdoor pursuits have been a signature cultural staple in McCall, Idaho. With the exhilarating thrill of skiing through backcountry powder and exploring the groomed snowmobile trails also comes the need for an expansive home layout that provides comfort, storage, and organization. Michael Belt of Dwelling Design understands the need for these amenities that enhance the adventurous lifestyle offered in McCall. In our latest blog, Belt expands on how he has factored these elements into the design for Whitetail Club’s Design-Build Model, Birch.

This lovely mountain home design marries the indoors and outdoors with deluxe features such as a large mudroom, floor-to-ceiling windows that maximize natural lighting inside the home, and a dog-washing station that will keep your pup and home clean without any hassle, among other notable accommodations. This home is a place for those who want to enjoy the feeling of a rustic basecamp but still benefit from Whitetail Club’s resort-like amenities and the town’s unique, active lifestyle in Idaho’s premier private mountain community.

Birch’s design has large roof overhangs that can protect the home from wind, rain, and snow, while also contributing to summer cooling and winter heating. Its usage has proven to be beneficial in giving shade when solar heat gain is undesirable. Stone is another key material used to protect the house as its durability and timeless appearance cover the exterior walls from water headed to a home’s foundation. This can avoid spending on foundation and siding-related repairs that are caused by water. Another significant advantage is that it does not decay, resulting in a low-maintenance product that hinders pests from entering your home.

As the luxury-lifestyle magazine Robb Report has alluded to in the past, we have seen significant shifts in how affluent buyers view their homes to balance both life and work. With a recent client that Belt worked with, he designed two offices: a communal space and a private one that will serve as a thinking hub for those moments requiring additional focus. Belt also notes that other discerning interests for today’s buyers include: recreation rooms that can help as a multipurpose room for reading, exercising, or hosting games; expansive mud rooms for the adventurer that seeks a space where their equipment can be stored and where they can dry out their clothes; indoor and outdoor fireplaces to offer all of the ambiance and warmth of a real, wood-burning fire; and lastly, a dog washroom for the pup in your life. Having a built-in dog wash station allows for more frequent cleaning with less effort. This easy-to-clean area keeps your products all in one place for maximum organization. It’s a win-win for you and your four-legged companion!

With this fascinating interview, we conclude our Architect Blog series! We hope our readers have enjoyed learning more about each model and the architects behind each innovative blueprint as much as we did.

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