Those who choose to call Whitetail Club home value nature and wide-open spaces. How do we know that? Because living in McCall, Idaho means the backdrop is land.

With the magnificent Rocky Mountains as its backdrop, McCall is home to a variety of wildlife. The town’s proximity to Payette Lake, the North Fork of the Payette River, and Ponderosa State Park offers ample opportunities to see deer, moose, wolves, elk, and more.

The Inspiration for Whitetail Club, Our Namesake

White-tailed deer inspired the name behind the Whitetail Club, a premier private residential community where deer are commonly spotted throughout town. The name for the deer itself comes from the long white hair on the underside of the tail and rump. The beautiful presence of these gentle creatures lends a magical aspect to the property, as the landscape is their natural habitat, and members are treated to sightings almost daily.

Whitetail Deer

Black Bears Around McCall

Black bears are found throughout the foothills and forests of Idaho, where approximately 20,000 through 30,000 black bears roam these wild lands. While many people want to experience a clear bear sighting, it’s important to remember that black bears must stay wild and remain in their natural habitat. Keeping a bear’s innate fear of humans in check is crucial to its survival and will help ensure the population’s long-term health. When the fall season sets in, black bears begin to hibernate, and this period can vary depending on the bear’s location. Bears in the country’s northernmost region can hibernate for as long as seven months, while bears in warmer areas can hibernate for a shorter period.

And Then There Were Moose…

A four-legged local that may be encountered year-round is the moose. They can be found near Payette Lake and in the wetlands around Ponderosa State Park. Naturally tolerant of the chilly weather, moose are cold-adapted mammals with thick skin, providing a heat-retaining coat. Moose love to hang out in the forests, around openings, and lakes, but when you see a moose, it’s important to stay far away from them and watch out for signs that they may be agitated. These include ears back, hair raised on their hump (the backs of their heads), grunting, and stomping.

Beauty Flies Overhead, Too

During the summer, Osprey – also known as sea hawks, river hawks, or fish hawks – can be found fishing the shoreline of Payette Lake and Lake Cascade. These beauties have been around for millions of years and have a wingspan that ranges from four-and-a-half to six feet! Osprey can also be found in Ponderosa State Park’s ponds and the Payette River’s Upper North Fork.

Behold, the Wolves!

The wolf population in Central Idaho is a success story, thanks to a long-term collaborative effort between the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Idaho Wildlife Department, and sportsmen. This effort has reintroduced wolves into the region and helped restore the wolf population to historical levels. On May 5, 2011, wolves in Idaho were removed from the endangered species list.

Wolves are highly social and tend to run in packs. That said, most wolf sightings around McCall are lone wolves but rest assured, the pack is likely not far away.

And Lots of Rainbow Trout to be Had

Rainbow and steelhead trout are ray-finned fishes that can be spotted in the rivers of McCall, Idaho. Part of the salmon family, rainbow and steelhead trout are one of the top sport fish in North America. While they are the same species, they have quite different lifestyles. Steelhead trout spend part of their lives in the sea before heading to rivers to breed, while rainbow trout spend most of their lives in freshwater.

During your next visit to McCall, make it a point to see if you can spot some of the remarkable wildlife surrounding our community here at Whitetail Club. To schedule a personalized Discovery Tour and experience the adventurous lifestyle of a Whitetail Club membership, contact our real estate sales team at 877.634.1725 or