McCall, Idaho, is THE mountain-lake town for those who dare to seek a refined approach to untamed wilds, those who dream of unpretentious experiences in the great outdoors and genuinely outstanding services. As one of McCall’s most fervent supporters, Whitetail Club felt it was appropriate to go back to the basics. The most basic questions about life in McCall are answered here, and if you should take anything away from this article, it should be this: McCall is unlike anywhere else in the world.

Where is McCall, Idaho?

McCall, Idaho is located in the western- central part of the state, on the edge of the Payette National Forest.

How far is McCall from Boise?

Not too far. It’s approximately 100 miles from Boise to McCall. And trust us, the drive up the mountains will put all your other scenic routes to shame.

How is the drive to McCall, Idaho?

From towering mountainsides covered in ponderosa pines to the rocky riverbeds that run alongside ID-55, the drive up to McCall, Idaho, is an experience in and of itself.

From the valleys to the mountain peaks, McCall, Idaho, evokes a feeling of openness. The kind of openness that leaves you feeling like the opportunities to explore are endless – because they are.

What is there to do in McCall, Idaho?

During the wintertime in McCall, Idaho, you can ski all season long at Brundage Mountain. Thanks to McCall’s altitude, the skiing season often extends into the early spring. If you’re looking for Nordic skiing, Whitetail Club has over 20 kilometers of private trails groomed to perfection for members to use. Payette Lake and its pristine glacial waters are also famous in the winter in McCall. Locals make the most of winter in McCall by ice fishing and snowshoeing on a frozen Payette Lake! In the summer, there are countless ways to experience McCall – boating, swimming, hiking, biking, camping, lounging, you name it. Summer in McCall, Idaho, and, more particularly, at Whitetail Club provides you with a blank canvas for all the natural adventures you can dream of.

Is McCall, Idaho is a good place to live?

The answer is a resounding yes! Here you can experience unrivaled seasonal adventures that never cease to surpass your expectations. Life here lends itself to endless opportunities for adventures in untamed nature. And while you’re seeking your thrills, Whitetail Club delivers refined mountain experiences to create the perfect balance of natural luxury.

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