The Strolling Magician

An Enchanted Evening at Whitetail Club

Attention Whitetail Club members: Prepare for a night of illusion and wonder — and witty banter, of course — as master magician and mentalist Rmax Goodwin captivates with his award-winning magic, expert sleight-of-hand, and charming stage presence.

Los Angeles-born magician and mentalist, Rmax Goodwin began performing professionally at the Magic Castle — an invitation-only club in Hollywood—when he was just 14 years old. To date, his impressive technique has earned him multiple appearances on Fox’s “Masters of Illusion,” and have made him the youngest magician to win a Strolling Olympics medal from the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Now, the strolling magician is making his way to McCall for an exclusive at our annual Winter Signature Event. Whitetail Club members won’t just catch the show, but also be a part of it as Rmax performs his interactive magic, making every spectator a part of the act! You’ll get an up-close and personal experience like no other as he predicts what our members (or their guests) are thinking, creates once-in-a-lifetime coincidences, and lights up the room with contagiously good vibes. His unbelievable sleight-of-hand feats, using cards and everyday objects borrowed from fellow Whitetail Club members, turns the mundane into awe-inspiring, as he puts the magic in your hands.

With a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and an eye for the unusual, Rmax is known for a sophisticated brand of magic, complemented with his signature charm, delivering a truly unforgettable evening you’ll need to see to believe.

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