A Look At The Culinary Experiences Being Developed At Shore Lodge

The end of the summer season brought the closure of two long-standing offerings at Shore Lodge, The Narrows and Narrows Grill. These dining spots have been a central part of socializing and celebrating in McCall for both hotel guests and locals alike. But our ever-present quest to provide unforgettable guest experiences at Shore Lodge made us reconsider the offerings. To that end, we have created three new culinary outlets. The Cutwater on Payette Lake, where the Lake Grill existed, was the first concept to be unveiled this summer, bringing a unique, fresh take on lakeside dining. This winter brings the one-two punch of The Narrows Steakhouse and The Bar.

Trading Places

One of the most exciting aspects of these two offerings will be the trading of spaces, where The Bar will occupy the space that is currently The Narrows. The Narrows Steakhouse will then move to the more intimate space that was occupied by the Narrows Grill. This change will create more sociability at The Bar and more warmth at The Narrows Steakhouse.

What To Expect

The Bar

The essence that originally forged McCall’s fiery reputation continues to thrive today in a bar that handcrafts the finest spirits and provisions in the Pacific Northwest.

The design is meant to be both simultaneously communal and intimate. With a welcoming bar that puts you in the middle of it all, to the private hideaway tables that dot the perimeter of the space, The Bar has something to offer everyone. The tableware, glassware and flatware promise the perfect mixture of old and new with hand selected items made of glass, stone, metal and wood.

The Bar is slated to open in mid-December 2017, prior to the holiday season.

The Narrows Steakhouse

The definitive Idaho steakhouse where the singular focus is to distinctively serve the finest food and drinks in one the most stunning environments in the country.

The design is centered on a classic steakhouse experience fully rooted in Idaho. The breathtaking views of Payette Lake are only rivaled by the interior design that is signature Narrows Steakhouse style. Intimate booths and commanding tables are accented with warm, caramel -colored leathers, deep welcoming blues and pristine, classic white linens.

The Narrows Steakhouse is slated to open in mid-January 2018
These incredible new offerings will be one-of-a-kind offerings in McCall. Be sure to plan your visit today.