As we spend some more time at home, it’s nice to use the extra moments to refresh our space. Creating your own safe-haven, a place that brings you both relaxation and joy is more important than ever before. Whitetail Club’s mountain-lake homes, with their focus on raw wood details, spacious layouts, and magnificent views, already possess a beauty that is hard to come by. Why not add a few unexpected details and twists to make your house even more unique?

Here are the top 5 design and home accessories trends in mountain-lake homes.

  1. A Pop of Color in the Kitchen

Stainless steel appliances have reigned supreme for years, with their classic aesthetic that lends itself to a modern-luxe kitchen style. That being said, a pop of color in kitchens is on the rise, with a recent uptick in searches for stainless steel alternatives, from a dove-gray oven with gold hardware that still keeps a classic appeal, to cherry-red appliances reminiscent of Italian décor. Whitetail Club’s Design-Build Collection allows for a variety of options when it comes to your future kitchen, allowing you to add a unique, personal touch.

For those unsure about going too bright, but still want something personal and unique, going for a deep blue or muted gray shade in the kitchen is a fantastic option. Pantone’s Color of the Year, the comforting, serene Classic Blue (a tone we’ll be seeing this year in everything from throw pillows to wallpaper), is a fantastic shade for both appliances and cabinets. For even more of a pop, consider deep mustard and jewel-tone emerald, hues that are on-trend for 2020 but still have staying power. If an entire appliance renovation seems too much of a feat right now, adding a colorful toaster, mixer, or even just new kitchen towels could be just the splash you need.

  1. Scandinavian Influence

On the other side of the color spectrum, Scandinavian design is influencing new mountain homes, with its simple, clean lines and minimalist aesthetic. Originating in the 1950s in the Nordic countries, this design style is known for prizing utility and simplicity over all else. The uncluttered principle will give a hygge, or cozy, feeling to your home. How to incorporate it? Look no further than Whitetail Club’s Design-Build Collection. With light wood panels evocative of simplicity, neutral color schemes to go with the open-air, light-filled layouts, and the use of light stone recalling nature, the Northern Lights, Highlands, and Foothills designs all feature a decidedly Scandinavian component.

A few quick Scandi-style upgrades to existing homes include adding a sheepskin to your couch or bed for texture, swapping colorful throw pillows for white or natural textile ones, or adding a few simple plants to your space in casual woven baskets.

  1. Indoor-Outdoor Living Spaces

Open-air layouts that incorporate both indoor and outdoor elements are trending, and it’s not hard to see why. Separated by a simple glass wall that can open to connect the great room to the back patio, the entire space is given a fresh, open feel. The best part? Apart from the majestic mountain views that embrace the whole living space, this inside-outside transitional element makes your home even more suited for entertaining and hosting a large party. Whitetail Club’s Design-Build homes are known for their floor to ceiling windows and arrangeable elements that can let you get this expansive, open look.

  1. Exposed Pipe Showers

Although exposed plumbing can sound like a design risk, it can be the perfect touch for all kinds of home styles, including traditional, farmhouse, modern, and industrial. Classic showers conceal their pipes inside the walls, but by bringing these elements out, the bathroom can become much more interesting. The best way to incorporate the trend? Use an exposed pipe shower system in either copper, gold, or antique brass with a distinctive tile choice.

Unique takes on shower knobs is another bathroom trend, particularly copper, gold, or brass vintage-style knobs reminiscent of years past.

  1. Layering Rugs

Layering rugs is a fantastic way to add texture to your space, making your modern mountain home even cozier. Add depth to your living room by layering a larger white shag rug under a colorful Turkish or Oriental rug. This will not only bring warmth to your floors but add a unique touch to your home that’s double the fun.

If looking for a similar textural approach to your living room without making such a significant change, try layering contrasting throw pillows on your couch. A shag pillow, embroidered pillow, and solid pillow could all work together as long as their color tones are complementary.

As we know at Whitetail Club, a mountain-lake home is the epitome of both comfort and adventure, a place always ready for alfresco entertaining or family movie night. With just a few quick refreshes, you can add personal touches to your space that will make it uniquely yours. If looking for the full mountain home experience, we encourage you to explore Whitetail Club’s Design-Build Collection, The Fairways Townhomes, and the endless amenities here, which provide luxury and entertainment at every turn.

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