A Winning Approach to Building Your Dream Home

Building a home of one’s own can be a thrilling adventure. It can also be a long and complicated process that brings more than its fair share of uncertainty. We wanted to provide homebuyers with a lot of the former and none of the latter, which is what inspired us to create exclusive custom design-build concepts—allowing those who dream of building their own home to fulfill their vision but forego the headache.


The premier private community in the Rocky Mountain West, Whitetail Club thought the beginning of 2020 was a perfect time to unveil our new custom home collection. Featuring seven custom design-build concepts to choose from, this exclusive collection offers homebuyers the chance to build a world-class property—without the guesswork or an extensive time commitment. Instead, these concepts streamline the design phase of the process; saving valuable time and energy.

Each of the design-build concepts in our collection was created specifically for Whitetail Club. The result is seven thoughtfully rendered designs, each of which complements the surrounding landscape and takes full advantage of McCall’s majestic mountain and lake views.

Each design works to bring these panoramic views closer to home with floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Used to dramatic effect, the result is luminous, light-filled interiors that maximize natural light and marry indoor and outdoor spaces. Together with spacious entertaining decks perfect for weekend barbecues, stargazing, or lounging. Homeowners can get lost amongst McCall’s stunning nature—soaking up the scenery without ever having to leave the comfort of their own home.

This concept of indoor and outdoor space coming together is echoed throughout, with thoughtful outdoor additions such as fireplaces and fire pits, which work to create a unified design where the exterior does not compete with the interior of the home but instead feels like a natural extension.


With seven design-build concepts to choose from, homebuyers have the option to further customize their home by selecting an exterior finish, as well as modifying floor plans and interior finishes.

While each of the seven homes in our boutique collection has a base price, Whitetail Club developed a list of preferred professionals for those who wish to modify their custom home concept. The list includes architects, builders, interior designers, and consultants. Particularly for out-of-state buyers unfamiliar with Idaho, this list can be both helpful and cost-effective.

By providing seven custom designs, we have allowed future homeowners to skip the initial design phase, which shortens the duration of the project considerably. Further, by providing a base price for each design homebuyers will have a clear idea of how much the project will cost and how long it will take. No guesswork. No hidden fees. And while on average a custom home build would take in the neighborhood of 2.5 – 3 years to complete, depending on the time of year that construction begins, we anticipate a total project time of 12-18 months.


For those seeking a custom-built mountain & lake home together with the lifestyle it affords, Whitetail Club’s Design-Build Homes offer a chance to build a world-class property without the guesswork or prolonged time commitme


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