Above It All: Backcountry Flying In McCall, Idaho

Is there anything quite like the untamed beauty of the wilds of Western Idaho?

The rugged snow-capped mountains, crystalline rivers, sweeping valleys teeming with wildlife and seemingly endless forests serve up an unparalleled feast for the eyes. And of course, the best way to capture the immensity of this stunning scenery is with a bird’s eye view. Enter: backcountry flying.

Backcountry flying refers to flights from all types of runway surfaces, rather than the paved runways of city-to-city charters, this type of travel will take you to remote locations that are often accessible only by air. The Pacific Northwest is a rugged and challenging landscape, and often time, the road ends before you’ve reached your destination. For wildlife aficionados seeking the thrill of whitewater rafting, hunting, hiking, camping or even the tranquility of their very own fishing spot, backcountry flights are the perfect — and sometimes only — way to reach the utopia they seek.

If you don’t happen to have a pilot in the family, you can still experience the exhilaration of backcountry flying through chartered flights. Many aviation companies in McCall offer these stunning services in a number of options. Charter a plane for a special occasion and venture out into pristine, untouched nature with friends and family for a wilderness adventure they’ll never forget, or indulge them with an equally memorable scenic flight above our little slice of paradise.

At Whitetail Club, we offer excursions like this to our members, allowing them to focus on the journey rather than the process. They can take a sightseeing tour of the area by air and have a bird’s eye view of the land that we call our “backyard”. Up in the air, you’ll get ideas of where you might like to go on another adventure by viewing the different river canyons, ridges and valleys that make up McCall’s outdoor destinations. We then fly to a destination like Sulphur Creek for a backcountry breakfast in a fantastic setting, before returning to the air for the flight back to Long Valley. This is not your typical breakfast with friends.

We’d love to share our slice of paradise with you, and show you all that life at Whitetail Club has to offer. Please contact Real Estate Sales at 877.634.1725 or realestate@whitetailclub.com for more information about all the exciting benefits that come with a Whitetail Club membership. Follow our adventures on social media via #DiscoverWhitetailClub and @WhitetailClub on Instagram and Twitter.