As we are busily gearing up for summer and the peak sales season here at Whitetail Club, we are encouraged to see the real estate market continuing to develop both in Idaho and beyond. Here is a quick look at the top headlines and trends:

Top 10 Most Debt-Free States
Recently, MSN Money teamed with to round up the nation’s leaders in lowest debts. With the highest concentration of low credit card balances, these states enjoy an overall healthier financial picture. On average, Americans boasted an average credit card balance of $3,799 in 2013. Yet here in Idaho? (Coming in strong at No. 4 on the list) we averaged just over $3,200 last year.

In fact, Idaho boasted one of the biggest improvements in the low-budget states as our average debt declined by $103 per person from 2012 to 2013, only overshadowed by three other states (NY, CO and AK).

Click here to get the full list.

First Time and Seasoned Luxury Buyers Share Differing Opinions
The Wall Street Journal shared an interesting look into the minds of luxury buyers, juxtaposing the priorities of first-time high end buyers versus those who currently own a luxury property. Understandably so, the two segments look at the market differently, approaching their purchases from somewhat varied priority points. For example, first-time luxury buyers only reported a 10 percent chance of buying a vacation home while the current owners more than doubled at 23 percent. Current owners cite a waterfront property as the most desired location while the new buyer set is seeking something in the suburbs. But what can both parties agree on? Two of their top preferred features include stunning views and a chef’s kitchen.

Architectural Digest Dishes the Latest Design Trends
What’s leading the home design industry right now? The experts at Architectural Digest showcased emerging trends at their recent Design Show in New York. Among the most notable: ergonomic design, organic materials and customizable options. Check out a video tour of the show to see more.

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