Showcase Idaho Mountain Home

Lakeview Ridge
Idaho Mountain Home
To get a taste of luxurious Idaho mountain home living, all you have to do is visit Lakeview Ridge, Whitetail Club’s showcase residence. This 5,011 square foot home offers four bedrooms, four bathrooms, two powder rooms, and scenic views from every window and deck (true to its name, the house sits atop the Whitetail Club’s upper ridge and features stupendous lake views to the east).

McCall architect Andrew Laidlaw envisioned this Idaho mountain home as an interaction with—and a reflection of—its surroundings, a conversation with the mountains, lake and sky. Inside, the house is a playbook of modern convenience and individual style. Toe-kick mood lighting, remote-controlled steam showers, heated tile floors—these are just a few up-to-the-minute conveniences designed in. The interior space is beautifully appointed by Boise designer McCall Idaho Mountain HomeDee Vinci, who took an organic approach, incorporating casual, unpretentious furniture and objects—even down to the large bowl of pinecones on the over-sized living room table. Here, every element has been considered, weighed, and selected with discernment and taste. Lakeview Ridge is exceptional in every way, and indicative of the kind of quality and attention to detail that Whitetail Club puts into its Idaho mountain home designs and construction.