Your Dreams…Your Way.

Your Dreams...Your Way The Rocky Mountain West is filled with stories of visionaries; pioneers and prospectors who looked deep into the terrain, saw how things could be and were hell-bent on doing it their way. [...]

Introducing the Shore Lodge Cottages at Whitetail Club

Introducing the Shore Lodge Cottages at Whitetail Club You've discovered the location of your dreams. A luxurious private community on the edge of the wild. A natural haven amidst rugged mountains, glacier-carved lakes and ancient [...]

Introducing The Cutwater on Payette Lake

Introducing The Cutwater on Payette Lake At Whitetail Club, we’re always searching for new ways to enhance our members’ experience. From amenities that simplify life — like the business center at the clubhouse and the [...]

Aquatic Summers

Aquatic Summers In our last blog, we covered all the exciting and relaxing ways Whitetail Club members enjoy their summers in McCall on land. Now we'll go over some of the best experiences to be [...]

Summers in McCall

Summers in McCall are a magical time. From the beautiful climate to the incredible mountain-lake scenery, there's more to take in than meets the eye. To help you envision your life at Whitetail Club, we've [...]

An Unveiling

May 12th was a very special day at Whitetail Club. After much anticipation, we were ready to unveil our newest amenity, a 16,000-square foot, lakefront enclave. But your average open house just wouldn't do. A [...]

The Ultimate Private Community in the Pacific Northwest

The number of bedrooms and a home's square footage are just some of the factors that should be considered when purchasing your next vacation home. Also important is what's beyond the walls of that home; [...]

Mountaintop Dreams

Clearwater Cabins This is the Gem State, and the crown jewel sits atop the world at an elevation of 5,000 feet. Rugged mountains, glacier-carved lakes and ancient forests illustrate the backdrop of the Pacific Northwest's [...]

It’s official: Spring has arrived in McCall!

Sure, our early spring might be a bit chillier than others, but we'll never complain about the chance to get in one more ski run. However, the spring thaw is right around the corner bringing [...]

The Wilds of Western Idaho

The words "wilds" and "wilderness" tend to bring a certain image to mind. One of inhospitable landscapes and arduous undertakings. At Whitetail Club however, The "Wilds of Western Idaho" take on a whole new meaning, [...]