The words “wilds” and “wilderness” tend to bring a certain image to mind. One of inhospitable landscapes and arduous undertakings. At Whitetail Club however, The “Wilds of Western Idaho” take on a whole new meaning, conjuring images of adventure and luxury. To us, its Home. And we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Here, we embrace the exquisite environment in which we live. Sitting atop the world at an elevation of 5,000 feet, McCall’s rugged mountains, glacier-carved lakes and ancient hot springs articulate our personal year-round playground. While nature provides countless acres of wilderness to support an active lifestyle, Whitetail Club delivers luxury every step of the way. This splendid habitat is enhanced by a curated calendar of events and the freedom to delve into the natural luxuries of the area, which are at once action-packed and serene.

Seasons here present their own prospects for adventure and relaxation— this winter we reveled in thrilling ski runs lauded by National Geographic and ancient hot springs.

McCall’s lush landscape bursts into color with the arrival of spring, bringing exhilarating activities ranging from high-impact to sublime. Action-packed days of adventure and discovery lie ahead on one of the three river systems near McCall, including the Salmon River. Plunge through whitewater rapids with springtime headwaters reaching over 20 feet! Freshly cleared trails become your playground as you dart through McCall’s rugged mountain terrain on agile ATVs. It’s always an exhilarating day filled with a mix of dirt, mud and a lot of fun!

We invite you to experience luxury on the edge of the wild. Please contact for more information about all of the exciting benefits that come with a Whitetail Club membership. Follow our adventures on social media via #DiscoverWhitetailClub and @WhitetailClub on Instagram and Twitter.