Interior Design Trends

Interior design trends are always shifting – and this year is no different. We took a hard look at what’s hot and what’s to come to help you make your house a home. Are you prepping for a décor overhaul? If so, which of these 10 trends inspire you? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

  1. Two-tone kitchen cabinets. Making a kitchen feel more modern is as simple as changing up the look of the cabinets. A neutral color on top keeps a clean, timeless feel, while the lower cabinets offer a great chance to change it up – try playing with different woods or deeper colors.
  2. Low-tech living rooms. Living rooms are all about family, and with so much screen time in our lives it can feel wonderful to reconnect without digital distractions. Ditch the iPads, TVs and stereos – decorate with bookcases and comfortable seating arrangements instead.
  3. Niche appliances. Adding luxury into your kitchen is simple and perfect for 2016. We love steam ovens, warming drawers and induction cooktops.
  4. Bidets. Although the stand-alone bidet has never really taken off in the U.S., combination units are becoming more common. We love the Toto because it merges the bidet and toilet for a luxe bathroom experience.
  5. Heated entryway floors. Although heated floors are very popular in bathrooms, in McCall we love them in our entryways. They melt snow and dry our boots during the long winter months.
  6. Bathroom statement mirrors. Medicine cabinets are falling out of favor and being replaced by statement mirrors. We love large wood-framed beauties– as they accent the rugged mountain living feel that Whitetail Club naturally exudes.
  7. Bathrooms that feel more like living spaces. Transforming a bathroom into a livable space is easy – we like graphic wallpaper, interesting chandeliers and heavier furniture pieces. Instead of a sterile tone, you can have a bathroom that feels cozy.
  8. Fireplaces and fire features. In the midst of your low-tech living room should sit a statement fireplace. We love making them the focal piece of every room they fit into – they bring people together and create a relaxing ambiance. Plus, the latest technology is making it easier to install them in each and every room in the home.
  9. Simple entryways. This trend takes away fancy flourishes and leaves room for adventure-ready functionality. Simple storage solutions and durable materials make your mudroom feel more like it belongs in Central Idaho.
  10. Colored stainless steel appliances. Last, but not least, stainless steel appliances are becoming décor pieces this year. Instead of the shiny silver, black and bronze are all the rage.